About REBAP Makati


To be the most solid network of Certified Real Estate Brokers committed to excellence in the practice of the Real Estate Service Profession.


Mission Statement

To develop a network of Real Estate Service Professionals of highest ethical standards;
To advance knowledge and enhance members’ skills in real estate practice;
To provide an opportunity-driven business environment for its members;
In doing so, REBAP aspires to meet the needs of its stakeholders.

Core Values

  • Integrity
  • Competence
  • Reliability
  • Ethical
  • Responsibility


WE BELIEVE, in the nobility of our profession.
Our business is land, the patrimony of nations,
the basis of all wealth, handed down through generations.
WE BELIEVE, in maintaining the highest ethical standards
in the practice of our profession.
Our names shall be untarnished, our conduct
beyond reproach, our hearts shall be pure.
WE BELIEVE, in our association, licensed real estate brokers
devoted to the common cause of uplifting the standards of
real estate practice in the Philippines.
WE BELIEVE, in our sacred mission to spearhead
our country’s effort attain economic stability
and our prosperity by promoting the proper and
maximum utilization of land.
WE BELIEVE, in the WORD of our Almighty God
Who protects us, guides us, heals us, and
showers us with all His blessings.
All of these we believe in.
We are the members of Real Estate Brokers
Association of the Philippines, Inc.


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