Regain Good Status Standing

If you became an inactive member or your membership is NOT in good standing, you may rejoin the chapter by undergoing the same process as a new member:

  1. Obtain an endorsement (verbal or written) from a member of good standing (MIGS).  If you do not know any member, reach out to the chapter’s VP for Internal Affairs ( for initial assessment and endorsement.
  2. Download this form and fill it out: REBAP MAKATI MEMBERSHIP FORM MIS.Ver.2016021
  3. Email your intent to rejoin the chapter to together with all of these attachments:
  4. Your application will be evaluated. Interview/s may be conducted or additional documents may be requested.
  5. Should your application be approved, we will contact you to inform you of your acceptance and to give you further details on payment of fees, orientation schedules and oath-taking schedule.

Note: If you are depositing  payments via our bank account, do not forget to either (a) email the scanned deposit slip, or  (b) bring the deposit slip during the orientation.  Ask for the OR.   Also note that the earlier you submit proof of payment, the earlier you can start enjoying membership privileges.