REBAP National Board Second Regular Monthly Meeting

February 16, 2024



REBAP National Board Second Regular Monthly Meeting

REBAP Chapters who expressed their intent to co-host the first, and second national general membership meetings were invited to present their proposal at the REBAP national headquarters during the national board’s second regular monthly meeting.

The chapters who presented are, REBAP Rizal represented by their president Sesinando Bautista, REBAP GREENHILLS represented by their treasurer CRB Emily Ballesteros, Rebap Makati Chapter represented by their Chairman CRB Dulce Ranosa, President CRB Lemuel Egot, and VP Internal MC De Castro, REBAP Global City represented by their president Neo Armena.

We thank and commend these chapters for their eagerness to serve the community. Your creative energy, innovative minds, and genuine passion for service is what makes REBAP one of, if not the most solid organizations in the Philippine real estate industry today.